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I'm an illustrator and marketer and i've lived and worked in Denver, CO for the last 10 years. I have a BFA in Digital Art from Metropolitan State University of Denver. I like to focus my illustration work on small moments, mental health, and play! I also love experimenting with polymer clay sculpture, lettering, motion and design.

In my free time, i'm a rookie gardener. Serious question for the green thumb people, "What's up with these little tree seedlings popping up EVERYWHERE?"

Also, I consider myself a master "googler" and student of the internet. That is, I think i've narrowed down the mysterious breed of my scruffy rescue dog to a Bedlington-Whippet mix. And I've never found a spreadsheet formula that I didn't like. (Nerd alert!)​


Photo / Joel Freeman

Drop me a line

For inquiries regarding editorial illustration, commissions, questions, or just to share your gardening tips, send me an email at

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